What is ABUB?

We are a movement of students that reach other students with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


As a Brazilian student ministry, we are a national movement member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. IFES exists in more than 180 countries. In Brazil we have more than 120 local groups and our story started in 1957.

We are called ABUB, a Portuguese acronym for Brazilian University Biblical Alliance. One of our main characteristics is student initiative, this means that the students themselves are ABUB’s missionaries par excellence, acting in their context and preparing the next generation.

To support them in this mission, we provide training and discipleship so that, engaged with the student world, they can witness and serve their schools, universities, the church and society, seeking to transform them.

Our vision

Students built into communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel and impacting the student world, the church and society for the glory of Christ.


ABUB’s local groups are divided into three fronts.

In high schools and preparatory courses, ABS works with student witness, evangelism, discipleship and training.

In universities, ABU also seeks the vision of an integral gospel through student witness, evangelism, discipleship and training. Students also engage with the whole university.

Among Christian graduates, ABP supports the student groups and helps its graduated participants to grow in their faith and calling, witnessing where they work.

What we believe

We are a non-denominational organization that brings together Christians from different evangelical traditions under the fundamental truths of Christianity. Our beliefs follow those of IFES, which you can read in English in their website.

Give to our ministry

We thank God for all who wish to take part in our movement.

If you read Brazilian Portuguese, you can also check our financial reports.

If you are located in Brazil: we have a form in Brazilian Portuguese. You can also send us a message in the form at the end of this page.

If you are outside Brazil: please feel free to donate through IFES’s website. Select the tab “National movement”, search for “Brazil” and then select “student ministry in Brazil”. This will guarantee your donation is forwarded to our work. Thank you very much!

Find a local group

In our Brazilian Portuguese website there is a map with our local groups of ABS, ABU and ABP. Their pages  have social media links and a form so that you can contact them directly.

Go to our map and type the name of the city you are looking for.

If you have any trouble, please send us a message in the form below.



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